Personal Job Search Solution Coach

As another feature of The Job Search Solution, we are offering personal coaching with an experienced Certified Personnel Consultant. Bobby Lonergan will work with you on a one-on-one personal basis to polish your skills and accelerate your job search.

Personal coaching is available via phone or Skype. To get the most value from your coaching sessions, we recommend that you buy and view The Job Search Solution complete series prior to your one-on-one appointment.

Coaching helps all winners become better. LaBron James, Dwayne Wade, Michael Phelps, and all top athletes have phenomenal natural ability. They practice their skills for thousands of hours... but coaching helps them become better. Bobby's coaching in your job search can do the same for you. Here are the benefits his coaching offers:

  • Coaching will help you stand above your competition, make a lasting positive impression and separate you from average job candidates
  • You will discover Valuable Qualities within yourself that you may not have considered before
  • Receive personal one-on-one attention to overcome your specific concerns and answer any questions
  • Encouragement to bring out the best in you and improve your chances of a job offer
  • Grow in your ability to navigate through the interview with confidence and comfort
  • Be in control during all stages of the process
  • Design a personalized action plan to help you sell your value

PLUS any unique issues specific to YOUR job search. Make an appointment with Bobby... NOW! 

If you have already purchased hours of personal coaching, then sign in with the email address and password from your email confirmation. Click here if you need to buy more hours of personal coaching.


Bobby Lonergan
Bobby Lonergan

Certified Personal Consultant, The Job Search Solution

Bobby Lonergan is a Certified Personnel Consultant and active member of the National Association of Personnel Consultants. He is an expert in the areas of recruiting, resume writing, and interview coaching. As an executive recruiter, he worked closely with hiring authorities in Corporate America. Since 2005, his passion for coaching the job search process has led hundreds of individuals to the ultimate goal of a great job offer. When you talk with Coach Bobby, you will experience his natural way of incorporating the principles of The Job Search Solution into your personal job search process. Your search will be more confident, effective, efficient and successful.