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The Job Search Solution
February 28, 2012 12:20pm


Unbeatable Resumes
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Acing the Interview
February 28, 2012 12:22pm

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  • …”Do you think that opportunity is still open?…. “I think I made a mistake…” January 17, 2021 2:31pm

    Three times in the last two weeks, our firm got calls from candidates stating almost exactly the same words. All three of these candidates had gotten offers through us from our clients and accepted counteroffers to stay where they were. One of the candidates received the offer and the counter offer in October of last year, one in November and the other in December. The first candidate, the one in November, had accepted a $200,000 a year vice presidency position with one of our banking clients. H...
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  • …..”but i made that kind of money five years ago!!!” January 10, 2021 4:49pm

    Tony: “I understand. Many of my candidates even, if they’re finding a decent job are going to work for a lot less money than they’d earned before…” Mary: “but I’m different. Before Covid my base was $130,000.  I can’t believe that they would insult me by offering me $100,000. Tony: “Wait a minute Mary, they didn’t offer anything. When they asked you what kind of money you are looking for, you said your last base was $130,000. I thought I m...
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  • ….”but I can do that job…get me the interview!” January 2, 2021 3:59pm

    I probably hear this at least five or six times a week. The truth is that 60% of candidates I have can probably do 60% of the job opportunities that I’m representing. And from a candidate point of view, I totally understand. But there is a really big difference between being able to do the job and being able to get the job. This is one of the hardest things that I have to communicate to candidates. I understand. Individuals have a tendency to see their ability to do a job through their o...
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  • …asking for advice December 26, 2020 9:08pm

    One of the strongest ways you can get yourself noticed by potential employers or enhance your position in the interviewing process with a potential employer is to ask for advice. Now, this has to be done in the right way and it can’t be done so often with the same person that one becomes a menace at worst and annoying at best. When you are initially looking for a job and just getting started in the process, it’s a good idea to try to talk to as many people as possible it might be abl...
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  • In All Transparency December 20, 2020 12:16pm

    This seems to be a really popular mantra these days. In the past two weeks I’ve heard it at least five or 10 times and here is what followed: “I’ll go on the interview but you know I want at least $20,000 more. I know that I’ve been out of work now for three months, but if I go backwards in my salary I’ll never be able to make it up.” “It’s just too far to drive. I know it’s a better job than I’ve ever had and the company is really goo...
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  • Premeditatio Malorum December 13, 2020 10:11pm

    This is credited to the Stoics. It means premeditation of evils. They use it in the context of preparing for a catastrophe. In other words, “what are we going to do if things go wrong…how can they go wrong…what if.” Every candidate whoever interviewed for a job should prepare themselves for “what can go wrong in my interview?” Very few candidates ever even imagine that things can go wrong. Most every candidate I’ve ever interviewed thinks that they inter...
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