Follow-up and Final Interviews

The novice and experienced job seeker think there is no difference between initial interviews and follow-up interviews. Therefore, they do poorly on initial interviews. The second big mistake candidates make is doing poorly on follow-up interviews. Follow-up interviews are like the postseason playoff games in sports. There’s a great deal more intensity and they are quite different than most people imagine. This tutorial prepares the job seeker to be successful in follow-up and final interviews.

I can’t tell you the number of times candidates... my own candidates... call me after their initial interview and proclaim that, “I got the job!”, then proceed to explain to me that they have another series of interviews they have to go through. But, since they did so well on the initial interview, they just know they got the job. Wrong! Follow-up interviews, that is, interviews beyond the initial interview... and I’ve seen as many as 16 for one candidate... are totally different than initial interviews. The players change. The criteria change. And when you get three or more people involved in the decision process, it becomes political.

This tutorial prepares you for the “playoff season.”

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Tony Beshara
Tony Beshara

Founder, The Job Search Solution

Tony Beshara is the owner and president of Babich & Associates, established in 1952 and is the oldest placement and recruitment service in Texas. It is consistently one of the top contingency placement firm in the DFW area, as recognized by the Dallas Ft. Worth Business Journal. He has been a professional recruiter since 1973 and has personally found more than 8500 individuals jobs. He sits behind a desk every day, working the phone literally seven hours of the twelve hours a day, making close to 200 calls a day. He is in the trenches on a day-to-day basis. Tony has personally interviewed more than 26,000 people on all professional levels and has worked with more than 23,000 hiring authorities. Babich and Associates has helpe more than 100,000 people find jobs using Tony‘s process. Tony is one of the most successful placement and recruitment professionals in the United States. Tony received his Ph.D. in Higher Education from St. Louis University in 1973.

The second edition of his best selling book, "The Job Search Solution" The Ultimate System for Finding a Great job NOW! will be out in January of 2012. He also created a 27 hour online program about how to find a job, www.The Job Search Solution.com . Tony‘s second best seller, ACING The Interview, answers almost any question regarding interviewing in today‘s erratic job market. "UNBEATABLE Resumes," published in 2011, discusses resumes for the present, unique employment market. Tony also hosts a daily radio show, The Job Search Solution on KVCE, 1160 AM, every Monday thru Friday from 7:30am to 8am. Tony and his beautiful wife of 42 years have four grown sons.